Why Broken Links Suck

How many times have you visited a website, seen a link that looked promising, clicked it… and then realized it didn’t work? You know that broken links are a letdown for you as a visitor, so why would you want YOUR visitors to experience that problem on your site?

But broken links do more than discourage people from using your site.

They actually affect things like:

- SEO ranking
- Bounce rate
- Search engine crawling

Your SEO ranking is determined by things like keywords, load time - and yes! - internal and external links. If you don’t have links that work, you may notbe on the first page of Google any time soon and you’ll certainly let down visitors. Your bounce rate shows many people leave your site after only visiting one page - you want a low bounce rate and high traffic for all of your pages!

Broken links also affect how well search engines can “crawl” or scan your site. If their crawlers can’t go through your site (and all of its links) easily, your pages won’t get indexed at all. So how do you prevent or find broken links on your website?

Use ProSite Check!

Checking for Broken Links

Especially if you have a large website full of content, checking for broken links can be tedious and boring. But if you want to be a true resource to your site visitors, it’s important to know that your links all work like they should.

Using ProSite Check, our system will scan your website for links that “go nowhere.” This way, you can edit the link and save your website from falling down the SEO ranks. To use this part of our platform, all you have to do is make your way to the Websites dashboard.

From there, you can look under Actions, click the bar icon, and click Show Broken Links. Depending on the amount of content on your website, as well as its load speed, you should have results within just a few minutes. We’ll scan a sampling of your links to look for any that might not work.


Update Broken Links

Once you get the results, click on each broken link found and update it to a site that functions well (and looks good). When you have links that all work as they should, people will “bounce” around your site more, meaning they will go deeper and deeper down the funnel towards your conversions - whatever that may be.

If you don’t have many links, external or internal, consider adding 1 or 2 to each page. Then, use our Show Broken Links function to make sure everything works like it should!

Links are Important

Good link function makes it easier for search engines to “crawl” or scan your site quickly, making it easier for people to find your site. This obviously impacts your SEO ranking, making it really important to your overall website health.

So don’t neglect your broken links - they’re more than just annoying. They can actually decrease the results you see from your website!